Break Free From Bondage By Joining a Conquer Group Today!

What is the Conquer Series?

For the first time in history, a cinematic teaching series on purity is here to help men get to the root of bondage, addictions, and temptation while offering proven principles and practical tools to conquer temptations and find freedom. The Conquer Series, unrivaled in its scope and authority, is not about behavior modification, but heart transformation. This life-changing discipleship course provides insights from top Christian leaders who lay out biblical strategies, scientific facts and teach men how to use God’s weapons to become conquerors.

Who is the Conquer Series For?

The Conquer Series is for any man who’s ever struggled.  Every man, at some point, will be tempted to sin sexually, whether in thought or deed.  The difference between prevailing and failing comes down to having a battle plan in place.  The Conquer Series is a comprehensive teaching series on purity, training men to fight and win against temptations.

What Others Are Saying

“After I watched the first DVD I just sat there watching the credits roll by with tears of thanksgiving to God for what He has done through your ministry. I truly believe this will change America.”   Steven, Conquer Group Participant.  Haltom City, Texas

“I am leading a Men’s Conquer Group at our church and this DVD series has been so helpful to the 15-18 men that meet together for this class. Understanding how God has made us and also understanding the enemy’s tactics has been key to seeing victories in these men’s lives.”  Jason Royalty, Men’s Ministry Leader.  Springfield, Tennessee

Ready to Fight Back?  The Conquer Series Can Help!

Sidero’s Men’s Ministry is facilitating “Conquer Groups” at New Bridge Church for both guys who are struggling and those who have overcome in order to train men to fight and win against temptation.

Conquer Groups are groups of 4-7 men who covenant to fight the battle of sexual purity together and help you walk in victory.  Each group is led by a Sideros Men’s Ministry leader.    Interested?

Send an email to and ask to join a group today.

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5 thoughts on “Break Free From Bondage By Joining a Conquer Group Today!”

  1. This series is one of the best I’ve seen to help guys deal with sexual temptation. It helps guys understand why they think and do what they do even when they don’t want to do it – just like Paul described in Romans 7. Fortunately, it also helps them break free from those patterns and walk in purity, holiness, and righteousness. I highly recommend joining a group and battling this issue together with other men who have fraught this battle and won.

    1. Great question! To get connected to a group, send an email to siderosmen (at) with your contact details and someone will reach out to you.

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