Be a Sideros Man

Be the Man, God’s Man

When the world lures with lust, tempts with treasure, and entices with influence and power, turn away, RUN away.  Turn from the temporal to the eternal.  Be a kingdom man.  Be God’s Man.

When you and your wife come under attack, draw your sword, step into the battle and be the spiritual warrior for your family.  When the evils of the world assault your family, stand tall and on guard.  When the burdens of the world weigh on your family, kneel and pray.   Be a courageous man.  God’s man.

When the father of lies attempts to deceive, instead embrace truth.  Live the truth.  Let God’s Word be the surgeon of your heart.  Be a truthful man.  God’s man.

When hobbies, toys, and games beckon you back to boyhood, turn away from childish things.  Step up to manhood.  Step into your responsibilities and PAIN.  Remember Jesus,  He was THE Man.  The God Man.

When your job as husband is more difficult than you imagined, love your wife more than you love yourself.  You’ve given her a diamond and your heart, now go for the gold.

When you disappoint those closest to you, resist the urge to make an excuse or cast blame.  Instead, take responsibility for your actions and ask for forgiveness.  Be God’s Man.

When “self” pleads to be nurtured and fed, feed your wife instead.  You’ll never be more of a man than when you are denying yourself for your wife.  Be the man, God’s Man.

You will be tempted like you’ve never been tempted before.  It takes character, and lots of it, not to give in.  Guard your heart,  guard your eyes.  Keep on loving your wife and be a covenant-keeping, family man.  Be a one- woman man. Be God’s man.

Love brings about the wedding, but TRUST is what holds the marriage together.   Trust builds upon its self and become stronger with time.  Trust can also be destroyed in a matter of seconds.  Be the man your wife can trust.  Be God’s man.

When its painful to be the man and you want to pull back, don’t.  Don’t hide,  instead. Step up, step forward, take your place and embrace the pain.  He will give you strength.  Be the man, God’s Man.

Never apologize for being God’s man.  Dream like His man.  Think like His man.  Act like His man.  Love like His man.

And so, as a man still becoming God’s man,  I will stand shoulder to shoulder beside you as long as I have breath.

God called Nathan to call some things out in King David’s life.   Do you remember what Nathan told David?

He said you are that man.

Prophetically, we call these things out in your life:

  • You are that man that God has called out of darkness and into his light.
  • You are the man that is confident and secure.
  • You are the man that will be faithful to your wife and love her unconditionally as Christ loves the church.
  • You are the man that God has called to be the head of your household.
  • You are the man that will protect and provide for his family.
  • You are the man that hears from God and obeys his commands.
  • You are the man that does not walk in the ways of the wicked.
  • You are the man that acts justly, loves mercy and walks humbly with God.

Be a Sideros Man!

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